Critics of Happiness

Critics of Happiness

Evey Bumbaca, Fall 2015


Happiness is–


Liberating and just;

Not given but received-

By potential of oneself.


Making crutches feel weak;

Saying no to frivolous desire.

Being mindful of action,

Culling folk over ill.

Being remarked and remarking

Deeds of gross price.


Happiness is-

Making dependents more ‘in’

Sheer joy of positive balance-

Temporary and gratifying, in checks and spent.

Being a thought each day, by one or many

Maintaining subsistence of needed and not-

And enjoying every second of them.


Instantly gratifying, in lust and movement-

Perceiving short minutes as enduring one

Able to starve conscience of neighboring influence

Unable to release the constant penetration

Has this turned mad?


It’s art’s ability to define a mood

A personal library of songs-

Or collection of poems–

‘Wedding vows’ or ‘drinking songs’

Whatever it may be,

‘This stuff feels so good’,

These simple little words.


Happiness is-

A bouquet of words and actions,

Which resonates within.

To care and be cared-

Turning cents into gold.

But not without the realization that just like money,

These also don’t endure.


Happiness is-

Being free of a Hannibal

Whose incessant commands do nothing but torment?

Rid authority with useful body

Assuring good health and tact


Happiness is-

Saying No to those snakes!

Who constrict your name,

Then break loose of those forces,

That brought nothing but shame.


Happiness is-

An un-bargained feeling

That notifies the brain

The depth of this love

A beautiful stain


Recognizing someone as an emblem

Of grace in true form

It’s the peculiar reminder that

Finesse will not scorn.


Happiness is–

Understanding that kindness isn’t easily attained

But clearly it’s attainable.

Using an inherent energy

To create someone better than you.


Happiness is–

The risk of madness as disease-

Protruding discolor

Blinding comfort

Losing its momentary beauty


Using dense, wordy speech to prove junk

That everyone thinks is true.

Fooling can feel fun

If zealous enough to try.


Lastly, Happiness is–

An allowance of complexities,

Given at one’s expense

To make of it what they choose,

A fine part of living.


But what happiness is literally defined as–

That much needed definition:

‘The state of being happy.’

Does that sound better?


Baby Goat

*I do not take credit for this pic! Google Images  iceland.4.days



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