Indifferent Tourism Campaigns

The Good Greatsby

I’ve traveled all over the world and love everything about traveling except the travel. I’d love to have all those exotic places come to me without having to leave the house. I’ve been taking my shoes off at airports for years and years and I’m tired of re-tying shoelaces. I’d love to work as a travel writer, but without having to eat any new foods or take off my shoes. That’s why I’m hoping to start a new sub-genre of travel writing that doesn’t review tourism, but rather tourism commercials.

As I’ve traveled the world I’ve watched a lot of CNN International and the biggest advertisers are related to tourism. Countries invest big money in tourism campaigns with names like ‘Incredible !ndia’ or ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ or ‘Above Average Austria’. These commercials feature a series of idyllic shots containing smiling locals in colorful costumes guiding a handsome couple through picturesque skylines…

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