Critics of Happiness

Critics of Happiness Evey Bumbaca, Fall 2015   Happiness is–   Liberating and just; Not given but received- By potential of oneself.   Making crutches feel weak; Saying no to frivolous desire. Being mindful of action, Culling folk over ill. Being remarked and remarking Deeds of gross price.   Happiness is- Making dependents more ‘in’ […]

Indifferent Tourism Campaigns

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I’ve traveled all over the world and love everything about traveling except the travel. I’d love to have all those exotic places come to me without having to leave the house. I’ve been taking my shoes off at airports for years and years and I’m tired of re-tying shoelaces.…

Unexpected Solidarity

Like many, I’ve struggled with mental weakness and dependency. I’m going to be vague here, I may even use too many adjectives to explore my vagueness. This is not a personal account, so I hope some can relate. Until recently, I let destructive vices (substances and people) control my state of mind, especially during this […]