Evey. 24. I’ve been to 46 states- but that doesn’t mean I’ve visited all of these. To rephrase: I’ve been to a gas/rest-station in 46 states; and visited just a portion. I’ve been to a few countries outside the U.S., but that information is hardly relevant considering they were all brief visits. I’ve lived in the North and South parts of VA, that information is relevant. I do not wish to state anything else in my introduction because I don’t think it’s super important. I do, however, wish to share the fact that this is my first $99 domain, and for the sake of this not being another college essay, I will put forth the amount of efforts that I feel will suffice– especially in my own introduction. Arrogant? No, just tired of writing college essays. I never believed an introduction functions much beyond an intro into the real design.

I’m an English Literature Major with absolutely no desire to teach. I like to write and blog; but I don’t refer to myself as a “Writer” with a professional title on any level, at least not yet. However, I’m hopeful in pursuing a career in one (or all!) of the following fields: Technical Writing, Criminal Journalism, and Satirical Journalism. Simply put, I’m just someone who hobbies in writing my stuff– and reading theirs.

I write a variety of personal essays, free-verse poems, and memoirs of the learned subjects in my life. My “work” flies in both directions- humor and melodrama, that can turn into intangible nonsense. I just keep writing, I usually throw the intangible stuff away. In all honesty, the quality of my work is typically laced with uncertainty from my end. The one poem that’s been published of mine [college literary journal, ha.] took me a whole year to submit.

In any case, I hope my decision to casually contribute doesn’t turn me into an unwarranted “writer.” Fortunately, I enjoy reviewing and blogging in reference to other’s work– which flourishes the ability to continue my own!  Thanks for reading! -e.b.



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  1. Have you read any Graham Greene, Gogol, Trollope, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy? (Those are my favorites.)

    What 20th century writers so you admire?

    Who are the greatest 19th century writers?

    Do you think you will write fiction?

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    1. Gosh, I haven’t read any of those- and I’ve taken 6 whole American Novel courses. Faulkner, Chesnutt, Morrison, Twain… the list goes on…. I can’t say I read any of them for pleasure though…. British and Scottish Lit. are my personal favorites when it comes to novels. Have you read Walter Scott (Waverly), Lewis Gibbon (Sunset Song), Robert Lewis Stevenson (come on, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), James Joyce (Dubliners), Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre), Rebecca Davis (Life in the Iron Mills)..Lot’s more where that came from.
      20th century favorites (novels only)- Joyce, Solzhenitsyn-One Day in the Life, all of Ann Rule, and my all time favorite, Irvine Welsh-Trainspotting.

      I can’t write stories, fiction or non. Not good at it.


  2. Nice to meet you, e.b.! Much of the technical writing I’ve ever done could be considered satirical. That was never my intent but sometimes you just have to laugh! I look forward to reading more of your work.

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  3. Hi there! First off, It’s really nice to meet you. I wanted you to know that I live in Lynchburg, Virginia and am moving to Bedford, Virginia (it has been a slow process).

    I’m sad to say I’ve strayed from classics. I love philosophies, especially Søren Kierkegaard. I tried hard to get into Albert Camus. I’m a huge fan of horror classics like Mary Shelley and the more contemporary Flannery O’Conner. I love H.P. Lovecraft compilations. Oh, and I don’t have guilty obsessions. I just have stuff I like, and I do like Young Adult fiction written by authors like Garth Nix (‘Sabriel’ is a classic to me, but it was written in the 90s, so recent).

    I’m in love with horror, classic and modeon. William Peter Blatty (‘The Exorcist’), Clive Barker (his short story book volumes, ‘Books of Blood), and Paul Tremblay (‘Head Full of Ghosts’). I like Stephen King, but there are many other great authors out there, including his son Joe Hill. All of these, minus Blatty and Barker are new news.

    These are mix of century writers I thoroughly enjoy.

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    1. Hi Katie. Another Virginian, nice! I am not too familiar with Lynchburg. I live in Big Stone Gap, VA but my family and where I grew up is in Springfield, VA (Nova). Sounds like you’re into some dark stuff! I have only read some Stephen King. I’ll have to check out those “Love Compilations” though. My “guilty pleasure” novel would be pretty much any true crime novel written by Ann Rule. I’ve read just about all of them.

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